Astral Poly Technik Limited is the first licensee of Lubrizol of USA(formerly known as BF Goodrich a fortune 500 company) and have equity joint venture with Specialty Process LLC of USA (manufacturing CPVC plumbing system since 30 years) to manufacture and market the most advanced CPVC plumbing system for the first time in India.

Astral Poly Technik Limited was established in 1999 with a single minded purpose to manufacture absolutely the best plumbing & drainage system in India. Astral today manufactures CPVC plumbing systems for both residential and industrial applications, and also ASTM solvent weld lead free PVC plumbing system.

Astral Poly Technik Limited is equipped with state of art production facilities at Ahmedabad & Dholka (Gujarat), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and Hosur (Tamilnadu) to manufacture plumbing systems from ½” to 12” & drainage systems with all kinds of necessary fittings. The company has tie up with Specialty Process LLC of USA to incorporate latest technology and quality control programs which are widely accepted at global level and to develop CPVC plumbing systems as per Indian plumbing market.

All products from ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LIMITED have been developed to establish new standards in plumbing. Commitment to superior designs, elaborate attention to engineering details, modern manufacturing facilities and stringent quality measures have been combined to create a new concept in purity, safety, reliability, flexibility and modernity of their products. Both plants have in-house facilities to ensure & confirm the quality of finished goods as well as raw material at all stages of production to meet all the standards and performance requisites.

ASTRAL has a full-fledged well equipped research and development division to constantly improve, innovate and to engineer new developments. This division has a fully integrated product development environment that encompasses the development process all the way from conceptual design of products through manufacturing.

ASTRAL constantly strive to upgrade processes and materials and to incorporate international developments in the plumbing industry to benefit their customers.

The Company has emphasized on quality maintenance and product enhancement. ASTRAL has applied for National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the world renowned Organisation of USA for certification of its product, has already received the approvals for few of its products and balance are still under testing with NSF.

ASTRAL CPVC products* are first to be listed with IAPMO  - India for Uniform Plumbing Code – India (UPC-I)

The company has UL approval for CPVC BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems for above ground as well as Underground water mains.

ASTRAL regularly test their finished products by testing its resistance to impact and pressure as well as other ASTM or DIN tests. In addition, they regularly test pipes, randomly selected from the market place. Various testing methods like OD/ID (Dimension) checking, Flattening, Burst pressure, Drop Impact, Heat Reversion etc. are carried out at regular intervals to keep quality very high.

In order to deliver consistent high quality pipes and fittings to end users, ASTRAL has a Quality Assurance Program. This Quality Assurance Program intends quality levels to exceed the requirements of ASTM and other industrial standards. The program also includes regular visits of partners from USA to upgrade and to implement Quality Assurance Plan effectively.

ASTRAL has a full-fledged well experienced team of marketing professionals to explore the market potential throughout India. Within 13 years of its existence the company has more than 350 distributors and thousands of dealers in India penetrating the plumbing market form metro cities to smaller towns. ASTRAL products are now also available in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

No Matter, how good the quality of piping material is, if installed incorrectly, there will be problems. Understanding this fact, updated product catalogues, technical manuals, installation literatures, audio - visual CDs and plumbing guides are also available.

Moreover, ASTRAL piping specialists are always available to offer any help that would assist for the perfect installations.


*Please check link for listing of products with IPAMO-India.